The Diocese maintains a Travel Insurance policy for clergy and lay staff undertaking ministry and work related travel. This is a blanket policy provided on the basis that advice of travel is provided prior to departure.


The policy provides cover for the following people and meeting the following criteria:

  • All parish and diocesan clergy
  • Lay employees of parishes and the diocese
  • Volunteers travelling on behalf of their parish or the diocese for ministry purposes
  • Accompanying spouse and/or dependant children
  • Undertaking travel for ministry or work related purposes
  • Travel includes intrastate, interstate, or overseas
  • Any holiday component of the total travel time does not exceed 60%
  • Total trip time does not exceed 90 days


To declare a trip and ensure coverage under the policy, please complete the online form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to dangerous locations?

Cover extends to following countries; Afghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel, Somalia, Sudan, and in the event that War or Civil War breaks out in one of these, cover is extended for the first forty-eight (48) hours of the War or Civil War breaking out, after which time all cover with respect to War or Civil War will cease.

Am I covered for a pre-existing medical condition?

Amongst other limitations, cover is generally excluded:

  • Where travel is undertaken against the advice of a Doctor, or when you are unfit to travel, or if the purpose of the travel is for you to seek medical attention for a pre-existing medical condition.
  • For any medication or ongoing treatment for a condition which commenced prior to the commencement of travel, and which such medication or treatment you have been advised to continue during travel.

Making a Claim

Overseas Emergency Assistance

To access Overseas Emergency Assistance, please call the insurer directly on 61 2 8907 5995

Emergency Assistance may include one or more of the following services but only if they are considered necessary and organised by the insurer’s Emergency Assistance service:

  • repatriation by the most appropriate method including, if necessary, the use of air services. Repatriation will be to the most suitable hospital or to the Insured Person's home address,
  • payment of evacuation expenses, including necessary expenses incurred for qualified medical staff to accompany an Insured Person,
  • payment of other emergency assistance expenses,
  • worldwide 24 hour telephone access,
  • emergency travel assistance,
  • emergency medical evacuation,
  • medically supervised repatriation,
  • assistance in replacing a lost or stolen passport,
  • legal assistance,
  • interpreter access and referral,
  • compassionate visit if travelling alone and hospitalised for more than a week,
  • assistance in tracing delayed or lost luggage, and
  • payment of approved medical services by claims process or redirection of hospital accounts.

All Other Claims (Non-Emergencies)

  1. Where there has been loss or theft/burglary of luggage, personal effects, travel documents, laptop computers, money and credit cards, report the loss to the local police or responsible officer of any airline or vessel on which you are travelling. A copy of the police report or the airline’s acknowledgment and their reply for compensation must be retained and forwarded with the claim.
  2. Contact Ministry & Parish Support with a short covering summary outlining brief circumstances of the claim and attach additional supporting documentation such as:
  • quotes for replacement baggage,
  • overseas medical invoices,
  • invoices/receipts for emergency purchases of clothing etc.,
  • documentation to support curtailed travel due to illness (e.g. doctors certificate and travel invoices to verify amount claimed),
  • confirmation from airline, hotel and/or police if items are lost or stolen.