As per the Stipends Ordinance 1980, in December Diocesan Council determines the base stipend and allowances for the following year.

Attached below is the most recent official notification of the base stipend and allowances for issued by the Registrar & Secretary of Synod, as approved by Diocesan Council. It should be noted that the base stipend is established as a minimum. Churches and other ministries may choose to pay above the base stipend in recognition of greater responsibility, higher qualifications, and required competency for certain positions. The base stipend is combined with the compulsory Travel Allowance and Superannuation (presently 18% of a stipend), to comprise the stipend package. A Housing Allowance is also determined annually, which must be provided to clergy who do not have housing provided. For the purposes of Stipend Continuance Insurance, the housing allowance is included in the Stipend Package, and the Travel Allowance excluded. Treasurers considering the total cost of a clergy person should also be aware of the Long Service Leave contribution required for all licensed Anglican clergy in Australia.

Base Stipend Package from 1 January 2024:

StipendSuperannuationTravelLong Service LeaveHousing
Utilities & Communication
Base Stipend^$67,573$12,163$9,504 + $0.43c/km$1,716$31,408$3,271

^ Minimum stipend for Parish Priest or equivalent

*Payable only when housing is not provided. 75% ($23,556) where clergy elect not to occupy the housing provided.

See Fees for occasional services for more information.