To help us build a comprehensive picture of our Anglican community, an Annual Statistical Return is prepared by parishes and congregations. This provides statistical information for Diocesan Office for use in mission planning and reporting, and is completed by the end of April each year. The data is collected online, however prior to commencing it may be helpful to collect the information required:

Demographic Information Church Finder Update Attendance Data Life & Community Children & Youth
Minister Responsible
Location of regular services
Regular worship times
Phone Number
Street Address
Postal Address
Service Times
(For the calendar year 1 Jan. to 31 Dec.)
Average number of worshippers per week
Estimated number households financially supporting
Total acts of Holy Communion
Estimated number people receiving communion three times per year

Number of Worshippers, and Communicants at:
1st Sunday November
1st Sunday Lent

Children baptised
Adults baptised
Children confirmed
Adults confirmed
People received into Anglican Church
People admitted to Holy Communion
Average number teenagers attending Sunday
Children's Programmes
Youth Programmes

The Annual Statistical Return may be completed online here