What information is required in the ACNC Annual Information Statement (AIS)?

All registered charities must provide non-financial information to the ACNC about their operations for the reporting period in an Annual Information Statement.

This information falls into 4 main categories:

  1. Details about each charity (eg name, ABN, contact details)
  2. Activities
  3. Resources and operating locations
  4. A summary of which other government agencies the charity had to report to.

When must the AIS be lodged?

  • Entities whose financial year ends on 30 June, must lodge their AIS by 31 December the same year.
  • Parishes and other entities whose financial year ends on 31 December, must lodge their AIS by 30 June the following year.
  • Charities that do not fall within the definition of a basic religious charity also have to comply with financial reporting obligations.

Please note that the responsibility to advise ACNC of changes to responsible persons remains with the parish, and that the ACNC regards all members of Parish Council as well as the priest in charge and the church wardens as responsible officers. Following an Annual Vestry Meeting is a good time to make sure that the ACNC listing for your parish’s responsible persons is correct. Ultimately the ACNC can de-register entities that fail to keep this information up to date, resulting in loss of charitable status.

Our Parish wants Diocesan Office to lodge the AIS on our behalf.  What do we need to do next?

Please contact Diocesan Office (support@adelaideanglicans.com) and let us know you would like us to lodge the AIS on your behalf.

We will then send out a summary of the information required to complete the AIS for each parish, pre-filled to the best of our knowledge. When you receive this summary sheet, all you have to do is:

  • Check that the information is correct
  • Advise us of any changes that need to be made
  • Provide written confirmation that your parish would like Diocesan Office to lodge the AIS for you.

Our Parish will lodge its own AIS direct with ACNC

Your parish can submit its own AIS by logging on to the  ACNC Charity Portal.  The ACNC has implemented a new system and instructions about how to access the portal and to obtain a password can be found on this page of the ACNC website.

ACNC has produced information to assist you complete the AIS, should you have further issues. Alternatively, you can contact the ACNC helpline on 13 22 62 or at advice@acnc.gov.au.

It would be helpful if you could contact Diocesan Office (support@adelaideanglicans.com) to confirm:

  1. that the parish intends to lodge the AIS with ACNC itself, and
  2. when the AIS has been accepted by the ACNC.