The hire of church facilities is a good way of maintaining community connections, and as a source of revenue. To ensure facilities are well maintained, and to ensure full coverage by Diocesan insurance policies, Hire Agreements are required when hiring a facility to an external party. Template Hall Hire Agreements are provided below. Note that there are separate agreements for hiring to Individuals and to Incorporated Entities.

Note that any event held as part of the mission and ministry of the Anglican church does not require a Hire Agreement. This includes Bible studies, prayer groups, or use by another Anglican church or mission partner.

Individuals means the hirer is a person or a a person responsible for an unincorporated group meeting for a purpose which is not:

  • Commercial or political
  • Open to the general public
  • Covered by an existing Public Liability insurance policy

Examples where an Individual Facility Hire Agreement is appropriate include:

  • A private birthday party, celebration, or wedding reception
  • Dance practice not associated with a dance school, and no fees are charged
  • Friends who want a venue to read plays or poetry, but are not rehearsals for a show
  • Art and craft groups who meet to share a common interest
  • Musicians playing for non-commercial purposes
  • Support and self-help groups

Any other event, where the hirer is an incorporated entity or undertaking the event for commercial or political purposes, must use a Corporate Facility Hire Agreement and provide evidence of adequate Public Liability insurance cover.