As chief pastor of the Diocese, the bishop will want people to be comfortable when he is present. He will be assisted when he visits the parish or other ministry context if a number of practical arrangements are put in place:

  • Please ensure that the bishop has been consulted about the liturgical arrangements.
  • It may appropriate for a member of the parish worship leadership team to act as chaplain to the bishop.
  • If the bishop is preaching, please consult him about the readings (normally those of the day).
  • Provision should always be made for the Bishop to park his car in a convenient place.
  • Please check beforehand whether the bishop's wife will be accompanying him. If the bishop's wife is to be present, please ensure that there is a parish member who can greet her and ensure she is introduced to others present, as the bishop prepares for worship.
  • If the service is Eucharistic, the bishop would usually expect to celebrate.
  • If the bishop is presiding, but is not the celebrant, he will still give the greeting at the beginning, absolve and bless. He would normally administer the Bread at Communion.