The Diocese of Adelaide affirms that men and women who are suited by their learning and God living and who respond to God’s call to love and serve him are ordained to the offices of Deacon, Priest and Bishop. The church has long recognised the need for different learning and experience and provides that no person who is ordained as deacon, priest and bishop may exercise that office including the work of preaching or ministering the sacraments, unless lawfully called and sent, the evidence of which shall be the licence of the Diocesan Bishop, or election as Diocesan Bishop.

The selection process involves:

  • A meeting with the Archbishop and Examining Chaplains.
  • A mentored "Year of Discernment"
  • Participating in a Ministry Advisory Conference.

The current minimum requirements for ordination and stipendiary ministry in the Diocese are:

  1. Graduation with tertiary qualifications in theology normally at degree level with adequate coverage being given to
  • An overview of the Old Testament and New Testament including exegesis, interpretation and evidence of study in a biblical language. There should be intensive study of some texts including a gospel and an epistle.
  • Systematic theology including theologies of the Trinity, Christology, faith and revelation,
  • Pneumatology and humanity, ecclesiology, ministry and sacraments.
  • Church History including early church history
  • Sociology for ministry, pastoral care, Christian spirituality
  • Christian Ethics
  • Ministry studies including some study of Anglicanism, liturgy, worship, homiletics, mission, evangelism, and Christian education.
  •  2000 hours of supervised ministry experience in placements approved by the Archbishop including Clinical Pastoral Education.
  • Satisfactory completion of the Diocese of Adelaide Formation Program or equivalent in another diocese.
  • Evidence of a capacity for leadership and a capacity to teach and form others
  • Evidence of personal and spiritual development.
  • A person shall normally be required to attend a Ministry Advisory Conference (formerly called Selection Conference) if that person:

    1. exercises non-stipendiary ministry as a deacon and seeks ordination as a priest
    2. exercises non-stipendiary ministry and wishes to be considered for stipendiary ministry