1. Pastoral care

With the Archbishop, to encourage and facilitate the care by the clergy of each other and for the clergy families in the Deanery.:

  • Visit  A visit to each rectory family at least once per year.
  • Social  A social gathering with the clergy spouses attending at least once a year.
  • Support  Telephone or other support when a clergy person is struggling in someway.
  • Facilitate  A discussion with the members of the deanery regarding care for one another and the development of a strategy by which this responsibility may be shared.
  • Communicate  Provision of information to the Archbishop about needs or problems concerning the deanery clergy, their families or parishes, particularly those that may require the pastoral attention of the Archbishop.

2. Clergy vacancies and Commissioning

To liaise with the Archbishop in preparing services of ministry commissioning, ensuring once an announcement of an appointment is made take the initiative in commencing to make arrangements for the commissioning service. Arrange commissionings according to diocesan guidelines, ensuring that an order of service is drafted and submitted to the Bishop for approval, that everything is provided, all participants are properly briefed, and a rehearsal is held.

Follow up  Following up with a phone call after the first Sunday Services and a pastoral visit to the new family after a month.

3. Deanery meetings

Call regular Area Deanery meetings. These meetings should provide for:

  • Fellowship
  • Social interaction
  • Prayer & worship
  • Study
  • Agenda items appropriate to the area
  • Issues of a regional and Diocesan nature

4. Rectories and other clergy residences

Inspect the clergy residence before a new clergy family moves in, encouraging parishes to move towards ensuring residences meet diocesan standards, taking into account any special needs or requests of a clergy family. Providing a report of work required and completed to the Registrar.