• It is the responsibility of the parish or ministry to cover costs associated with relocating clergy and their family
  • There is a commercial discount arrangement with Allied Pickfords available
  • Insurance is provided by policies maintained by the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
  • To simplify claims if they occur, a simple form is available to for clergy to declare the value being moved


When a new clergy person is appointed to a parish or ministry, it is the responsibility of that parish or ministry to support the relocation of the clergy person. This is usually in the form of covering the cost associated with engaging removalists. This obligation applies when the clergy person will be resident in a Rectory, rented, or other accommodation, and whether the move is domestic or international.

There is no specific process for making arrangements, however the usual arrangement is thus:

  • Clergy person seeks two to three quotes from removalists, which may involve inspecting the items to be moved.
  • The parish and clergy person together agree on which quote to accept
  • Invoice and any required deposit, paid by the parish
  • Clergy person records a list of items to be moved with an estimated value. We have provided a simple form for this purpose.


The Anglican Church of Australia has arranged a commercial arrangement with Allied Pickfords, which will give discounts and free packing materials to Anglican organisations. We recommend one of the quoting removalists be Allied Pickfords. More details can be found in the brochure attached below.

To arrange a quote, contact:

1800 801 435

Alternatively for local moves, Diocesan Office often uses W.E. Hughes Removals.


A significant component of removal costs can be insuring the contents being moved. The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide maintains a Marine Transit insurance policy which covers employee and clergy personal effects in transit and storage to a maximum of 30 days up to a value of $500,000. The policy applies automatically, however in the event of a claim we request an itemised list of contents with estimated values, and proof of purchase in some instances.