The period between the resignation of an Incumbent (the senior clergy person, often called a Parish Priest, Priest-in-Charge, or a Rector) and the appointment of a new one is called an interregnum. Often, a clergy person is appointed to fulfil the ministry responsibilities of an Incumbent, and this role is called a Locum Tenens. A locum may also be appointed if a clergy person has a prolonged period away from ministry, such as long service leave or illness.

Responsibility for requesting the appointment of a Locum Tenens in a parish context rests with the Wardens of that parish. If assistance is required to find a person to fill the role, your Regional Archdeacon will be able to assist.

The attached form may be used to nominate a Locum Tenens, and request their appointment to that role by the Archbishop. The nominated clergy person must not commence ministry as a Locum Tenens until approval is granted by the Archbishop, through the issuing of a License.