Every three years, parishes must elect lay members of the Synod, an election usually undertaken at their Annual Vestry Meeting. The Election of Members of the Synod Ordinance describes the process and eligibility of people for election.


The Constitution requires that to be a lay member of Synod, a person must:

  1. Be a communicant (receiving communion at least three times a year) member of The Anglican Church of Australia
  2. Have attained the age of eighteen years
  3. Sign the declaration in the Fifth Schedule
The Fifth Schedule of the Constitution also includes the requirements:
  • To belong to no other religious denomination 
  • Be willing to submit and agree to the Constitution and Ordinances of the Diocese of Adelaide
As per Section 11A of the Election of Members of Synod Ordinance, an additional requirement is that:
  • Members sign an application for membership of Anglicare SA Limited


The election process and the optional appointment of representatives by Parish Council is described in more detail in Sections 7-10, 12-15A of the Election of Members of Synod Ordinance. In general:

  1. The Vestry of a parish must elect the determined number of Lay Synod representatives
  2. The Vestry may also preferentially elect a number of Alternate Lay Synod Representatives
  3. Each elected representative or alternate must complete the Fifth Schedule and Anglicare SA Member's Consent
  4. The Priest or Chair of the Vestry must complete the Second Schedule of the Election of Members of the Synod Ordinance and return to the Secretary of Synod together with the completed Fifth Schedule documents