As per the Insurance of Property Ordinance, our insurance programme provides cover against loss or damage of the buildings, improvements, and property of our churches and ministries.

Who & What is Covered

The buildings and contents of all churches and ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, its workers and volunteers. This includes buildings and improvements at churches, halls, and rectories, as well as items owned by the churches - or volunteers working for the church - wherever the items are located, including 'offsite' such as at hired halls.

All buildings and contents are automatically covered by our policies once they come into possession. Every year, the Synod undertakes a review of the insured value of buildings and their contents, and at that time new property would be added to the declared value. 

Subcontractors and Consultants

It is advisable to check that all insurances held by subcontractors and consultants utilised, including Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity are current and comply with any contractural arrangements.


The contents of Rectories are excluded from cover, except where the church clearly owns an item (E.g. dishwasher, or furniture which 'comes with the house'). 

What to do first

In the event of an event or incident causing damage to property, regardless of whether or not the claim has been reported or a loss assessor appointed, the parish must do whatever is necessary to prevent further loss of life or property damage.  For example:

  • call the fire brigade, ambulance, police or other appropriate emergency service
  • if during business hours, ensure the evacuation, if necessary, of staff and neighbours.
  • if critical machinery fails, commence investigations to locate replacement part or services.
  • have a security company install boarding over smashed windows and, if appropriate, employ an overnight security guard.
  • remove property (or records) which is exposed to further damage to a more secure place if possible, providing no danger to life or limb is involved. 
  • notify Synod Office via or telephone (08) 8305 9359 within 24 hours.

How to claim

  • For claims which might be expected to exceed $25,000, please contact Diocesan Office. Such claims may be handled by an Insurance Assessor.  Please complete the form attached here if claim is likely to be over $25,000.
  • Property claims which have a value less than $25,000, please start the process with this online form