Grants that may assist your church can be provided by federal, state and local governments, private businesses, trusts, foundations or philanthropic organisations.

Our Parishes and churches as community organisations can apply for grant funding from State and Federal Governments and other organisations for projects according to the grant criteria set down by the relevant agency, Government Minister or organisation.

Grant eligibility criteria often requires that grant applicants have their own Australian Business Number (ABN), are incorporated and be a registered not-for-profit organisation. Most churches within the Diocese of Adelaide are not separately incorporated, and may therefore require the Synod to auspice or sponsor an application using the incorporated status of the Synod. Your church should apply to the Registrar, as Secretary of the Synod, where this is required.

Eligibility for specific government grants should be checked on the relevant government or organisation website.

Where to find grants

Some general tips for finding and applying for government grants are provided below:

  • GRANTassist has information about government grants for communities, clubs and individuals. Visit¬†
  • Grants SA provides funding for community organisations to support local projects that strengthen communities. Visit the Grants SA website and FAQs.¬†
  • SA Health provides funding for Office for the Ageing Community grants
  • Information on federal government grants can be obtained from your local Federal member and at
  • A variety of grants are also available from local councils. Visit your local council website for information.


  • Sign up to grant notifications and project alerts where available E.g.
  • Attend a Grants SA information session. Session information can be found here -
  • Before applying to Grants SA, first discuss your project idea with a grants project officer. Call the Grants Team on 1300 650 985 or email
  • Make yourself aware of policy outcomes the grant provider is seeking E.g. disadvantaged, multicultural and volunteers etc. Make sure that your grant application addresses the policy outcomes of the grant program and provides statistics and evidence from participants where required.
  • Ask Grants SA to review your online application (more than two days before the deadline) to provide you with advice about whether it meets the criteria or if there are areas that can be improved.

Ministry and Parish Support is able to provide assistance with grant applications and provide information on how to apply for auspicing or sponsoring of applications by the Synod where required.