Approval by: The Archbishop

Last updated 6.12.17


The issuing of licences to clergy and lay people is the exclusive prerogative of the Bishop, to confirm and recognise a calling to a particular ministry. A licence may be issued on conditional terms, specifying the functions and obligations of the particular ministry to be undertaken, and where it is to be exercised. This policy communicates the intent of the Bishop with regards to the exercise of the prerogative. With the exception of requirements specified by Ordinance, it is not binding on the Bishop.

1. Offices, Positions and Ministries requiring a Licence

  • Clergy holding an Office or Position
  • Clergy undertaking pastoral ministry in a specific context
  • Locum Tenens
  • Lay Ministers
  • The Registrar
  • Lay Readers
  • Lay Home Communion Ministers

2. Policy Principles

  • Only persons holding a current licence are permitted to undertake the particular ministry within the specified scope.
  • Where more than one distinct ministry is exercised concurrently, a licence will be issued for each ministry (E.g. Priest-in-Charge and Chaplain)

For the full policy, please see the attached PDF document