Who and What is Covered

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide provides a Car Leasing Scheme for clergy and church employees. Under the car lease agreement between the hirer and the Synod, the Synod is responsible for ensuring that leased vehicles are comprehensively insured. The cost of motor vehicle insurance is included as part of the lease repayment however any excess payable under the insurance policy, including any age and inexperienced driver excess/es, is payable by the hirer upon repair.  Note:- the hirer may be responsible for an excess where:

(a) the vehicle or other damage is caused by the hirer

(b) the details of the other driver/owner are not obtained or the details are insufficient; or

(c) where age or inexperience driver excesses apply.

What to do in the event of an vehicle accident/incident: 

Drivers must

  1. obtain the full Third Party details ie.

- name

- address

- mobile/phone number

- vehicle registration number

- insurer details

- full details of the vehicle owner eg. name, address and mobile, if the driver is not the owner.

- details of any other vehicles involved in the accident

2. immediately notify SAPOL and lodge a police report. Note: - Claims for theft or malicious damage cannot

proceed without a Police Report Number or Online Crash Report Lodgement Number

3. immediately notify the Synod in writing (via support@adelaideanglicans.com) of any accident, loss or damage

to or destruction of the lease vehicle or injury to person or property involving the leased vehicle.  If out of hours, please notify the Diocese's insurance broker Anglican Insurance and Risk Services (AIRS) on claims@airs.org.au

Policy details:

Anglican Diocese of Adelaide

Motor Vehicle Policy No. 24F2675487

Insurer: CGU (2022/23)

If required, South Australia has a towing roster per this link and the phone number is 08 8116 9209 to request a tow from the accident scene: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/driving-and-transport/industry-services/tow-truck-operators/accident-towing-rosters.  

SAPOL provides drivers with advice on what to do if you are involved in a vehicle crash which can be found here https://www.police.sa.gov.au/your-safety/road-safety/report-a-crash

How to make a claim

The Hirer or Driver must:

1. Report the event to Diocesan office via an email to support@adelaideanglicans.com and include:

  • the driver's name at the time of the incident
  • time and date of the incident
  • whether the vehicle can be driven or has been towed etc
  • Third Party details as above
  • SAPOL Police Report number or Online Crash Report Lodgement Number as above.
  • any photos of the damage (only if available).

2.  A claim form will be issued which and must be fully completed by the driver of the vehicle. A pre-filled claim form can be found below or by contacting support@adelaideanglicans.com. 

3.  The hirer will need to obtain a repair quotation from either the hirer's preferred repairer or the insurer's partnered repairer. 

If you would like to utilise one of the Insurer’s partnered repairer’s located within the area, please right click on the hyperlink below which should take you to the following CGU partnered repairer page.


Click on Find Repairer & you can locate a repairer either by post code or suburb.

4.  The completed claim form and any photos should be scanned and returned by email to support@adelaidenanglicans.com.

5.  Once the claim has been authorised by the insurer, the vehicle can be booked in for repair at the nominated repairer.  The payment of any excess will be required upon collection of the repaired vehicle.

Note: Any Letters of Demand or Proof of Loss documentation received by the hirer or driver of the vehicle following an accident/event should also be directed to Diocesan Office.

Should a hirer or driver have any further questions on how to report or make a vehicle claim, these can be directed to support@adelaideanglicans.com