Maintenance of Property Assessment Deduction

At the 2018 Annual Session of Synod, the following motion was carried:

17. Synodal Assessment Deduction Policy
That this Synod requests that Diocesan Council review the Diocesan Assessment Deduction Policy and in particular with a view to increasing the “Maintenance of Property” deductibility (section 3 dot point 1) from its current amount of $15,000 to $30,000.

At its meeting on 14 August 2019, Diocesan Council reviewed the Assessment Deduction Policy section 3.1 “Maintenance of Property” and subsequently carried the following motion:

That Diocesan Council determines to retain section 3(a) of the Deductions Policy, permitting a Maintenance of Property annual deduction of $15,000.

Diocesan Council also requested the Property Finance & Resource Committee to undertake a review of the Deductions Policy prior to the 2020 Annual Session of Synod.

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