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16 December 2019 

Insurance Renewal 2019-2020 


Dear Treasurer & Parish Council, 


As you may know, the Synod is required by theInsurance of Property Ordinance 1984to maintain insurance cover for all property held in the name of the Synod and under theInsurance for Members of the Clergy Ordinance 1980 all clergy, lay employees and volunteers in the Diocese. 


Renewal and pricing 

Insurance is currently renewed annually for the period 1 November to 31 October; and cover has now been put in place by the Diocese until 31 October 2020.  While there has been an overall increase of 10% in the Diocese’s insurance premium for this renewal, the increase is fully in-line with the general market and considered very reasonable in the current climate.  Please note that the actual premium charge will vary for each Parish and Congregation, based on relative (property) asset value.  Willis Towers Watson (WTW) is the Diocese’s appointed insurance broker and has provided us more information about the market trends affecting this renewal period in letter you can access at 


Premiums for general insurance(s) are based on a standard charge; whilst property insurance is based on the current estimated asset replacement values as shown on the attached invoice and schedule. Note that any inaccuracies or omissions in this data do not preclude insurance coverage, however should your Parish know of or identify any amendments necessary to this data, please report these   


For clergy (who are excluded from the State Government Return to Work scheme), Diocesan insurance cover known as Stipend Continuance ensures clergy who are unable to work due to illness or accident continue to receive income as they recover.  Invoices for this renewal will be emailed separately once available.  


New initiatives 

Ensuring that insurance cover is in place to protect our parishes, congregations and entities across a wide and diverse range of activities is an important responsibility and function of the Diocese. Cover this year has been expanded to include Cyber Security Insurance and reflects the ever-changing insurance and risk environment which the Diocese considers in its renewal negotiations. New risk management initiatives commencing this year include implementation of a property assessment program and specific site risk surveys which will inform a review of current property insured asset values.  As an initiative of Vision 2022, the Diocese has also put in place an Employee Assistance Program which provides professional counselling and support for clergy. 


Insurance premium financing option 

While the payment of insurance premiums is an important parish responsibility, we recognise that this presents a significant cost.  For this reason, Anglican Funds SA has again made available a loan financing option for the payment of insurance premiums. This facility allows your parish or congregation to spread the payment of insurance premiums over twelve months. The Insurance Loan Request formcan be found on the Anglican Funds SA website or by following this link - 



Finally, should your Parish need to make a claim or have an enquiry about certificates of cover or advice on how to reduce the risk of loss and claims, Ministry and Parish Support can assist.  Many helpful and informative insurance articles and forms on the subject of insurance are available at which are continuously updated. 


Yours sincerely, 



Joe Thorp