State legislation requires that all homes or residential rental properties are fitted with smoke alarms. Smoke alarms must be cleaned, checked regularly and replaced within 10 years of manufacture.  The Metropolitan Fire Service website contains helpful information which includes how to check and service residential smoke alarms and SA legislative requirements.


Synod Office will shortly be arranging for a smoke alarm check in all leased residential properties.  The cost of the annual check, currently $99.00 will be deducted by the leasing agent, Taplin or other (if not already occurring) from the rent income as for other general maintenance.  This check includes the replacement of any faulty units as required. Certificates of Compliance (COC) will be maintained by the responsible leasing agent. These checks also include a 24/7 Emergency Service for sounding smoke alarms requiring attention. 


Once-off checks will also be progressively implemented for Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) in older leased residential premises. 


Should parishes already have compliant smoke alarm checks in place for residentially leased properties, please notify the Ministry & Parish Support team at as soon as possible.  If parishes wish to discuss the inclusion of clergy residences in these arrangements or have any questions regarding the above, please also email or telephone the Ministry Support team.