The Diocese's Ministry Wellbeing framework is based on the national policy provided by the Safe Ministry Commission of General Synod in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse report and recommendations.

Recommendation 16.5 of the Royal Commission’s Final Report states:

The Anglican Church of Australia should develop, and each Diocese should implement mandatory national standards to ensure that all people in religious or professional ministry (bishops, clergy, religious and lay personnel):

1.    undertake mandatory, regular professional development, compulsory components being

       professional responsibility and boundaries, ethics in ministry and child safety,

2.    undertake mandatory professional/pastoral supervision and,

3.    undergo regular performance appraisals.

The Ministry Wellbeing Program includes three critical components that address these and other complementary recommendations from the Royal Commission:

1.    Professional Supervision

2.    Professional Development

3.    Ministry Reviews

Consultations are currently being held and the relevant policies and supporting documents are attached  for your consideration. These documents will form the structure for the program's practicalities and provide helpful guidance for participation. Click on the following links to download each document:

Ministry Wellbeing Framework
Ministry Review Policy v0.3
Ministry Professional Development Policy v0.2
Ministry Supervision Policy v1.1

A further opportunity for Clergy to provide feedback on these policies will be on the agenda at the upcoming clergy gathering on 15 March, 2023.
Feedback is welcome and one on one or group conversations can be arranged via the email or phone number below.

Kathryn Pugh
Ministry Wellbeing Coordinator
0420 478 815